Thursday, May 2, 2013

Supreme sues Supreme Bitch

Popular streetwear brand, Supreme, has sued Married To the Mob for 10 million over their "Supreme Bitch" t-shirt. The Supreme Bitch T has been around since 2004 as part of designer, Leah McSweeney's, inaugural collection.  McSweeney states the inspiration behind the design is a commentary on "the misogynistic vibe of Supreme and the boys who wear it."

Supreme owner, James Jebbia, feels it "infringes his trademark rights." Yet, he carried and sold the Married To the Mob t-shirt in his other store, Union in Los Angeles.  As well, the Supreme logo is a based on the work of popular artist, Barbara Kruger. 

Interestingly enough, After all these years, Jebbia did not make any claims until McSweeney filed a trademark application for "Supreme Bitch."


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