Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's not just about the clothes for The Great Gatsby: Hats by Rosie Boylan

It seems like all the fuss for the upcoming film, The Great Gatsby, has been concentrated on the costumes, but as costume director, Catherine Martin states, "I think one of the things that defines the period is evening headwear."  As a result, Martin teamed up with Australian based milliner, Rosie Boylan who has been designing hats for over 30 years.

Boylan states "hats help speak to the age and define the era.  But I think Baz likes to use hats as a reveal- as a way to introduce characters.  I believe, when Daisy and Jordan are first seen in the movie, they're hidden by their hats.  It's like the veil being lifted to introduce the characters.

The hat maker spoke to about the more than 1000 hats which she made for the film, pushing creative boundaries, and wearing hats, in general.

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