Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Celine to keep the Resort reviews and photos secret... (for a while, at least)

For their upcoming Resort collection, Celine has decided to keep everything top secret.  While there was a presentation for editors, press, photographers, etc... they were told beforehand there would be no photographs, no tweets, no instagrams and no reviews.  While they have done this before, they still have sent out their own images to the press. Phoebe Philo has become so coveted in the fashion community, and as a result, so quickly copied... assumably,  this was there attempt at preventative measures.

Despite all of this, WWD did manage to print a mini review: " A leaner yet still relaxed silhouette dominated the tight lineup marked by a distinct utilitarian vibe.  This showed up in a mostly neutral palette of khaki, black and white, and bold D-ring and pocket details.  While these rendered straightforward chic, a pair of transparent white dresses over loud underpinnings- one green, one purple- made a slyly subversive tweak on nurse's garb.  There were also rich suedes, including an ultrachic belted lavender shift and fabulous two-toned minks- one color coming and another going."

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