Wednesday, May 1, 2013

12,000 piece Haute Couture collection up for sale

Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain was a model for the greatest designers of the 60s; she was an artistic advisor at Dior, as well, she is a woman with exquisite taste, and as a result, has acquired couture pieces from Theirry Mugler, Azzedine Alaia, and Christian Lacroix.  And now, she is auctioning off 12,000 pieces from this amazing collection of work.

Gros & Delettrez will be auctioning the collection in increments.  The first 350 pieces will be sold on October 14, and the remaining will be sold each month until the full collection is sold.

Luquet was the inspiration behind Saint Laurent's infamous, "Le Smoking" tuxedo for women.  Saint Laurent stated, " I had nothing to teach her; on the contrary, it was she who helped free me of all the outdated references I had."


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